Stowmarket ASD Saturday Clubs is a registered charity, No 1151141.

We are mainly funded by Children In Need. Our parents pay a fee for sending their young people to the sessions and we have a team of committee members who carry out different fundraising events to enable us to offer extra activities for the sessions. We have had lots of support from local organisations such as The Stowmarket Lions, AJ’S Legacy, Co-op, The local council grants team and many more.

Stowmarket ASD Saturday Club is made up of parents/guardians of of the young people who attend the clubs, plus the Trustees who oversee the running of the club.

The day to day running of the Clubs is done by our club co-ordinator Leah and is assisted during the sessions by 6 paid members of staff.  Leah and the staff are also helped during the sessions by a team of dedicated volunteers.