A young person can attend the club if they have a diagnosis of Autism. We accept a letter of diagnosis from doctor or professional that has assessed and given the diagnosis.

We accept any other learning difficulty or physical disability alongside the Autism as long as we can offer the correct and safe supportive environments. We would ask all guardians to attend the session 1st without their young person to talk through the level of support the individual will need. We will adapt and support the sessions to suite these needs and have access to funding that may enable increased staffing levels but this is subject to individual cases and would need to be assessed carefully by both guardians and the General Manager.

To join the club please phone or email Leah the General Manager. 07920714611 leah@stowmarketsaturdayclub.co.uk we have a waiting list for all sessions but can register you to join the list straight away. You can join the waiting list while the diagnosis process is happening.