Plus Club

What does the club offer?

We support the members in taking an active part in the community, helping them to learn travel skills and also every day skills such as paying for an item in the shop or ordering a meal in a restaurant. These sessions are staffed and the members are given support according to their level of need.

This club is specifically designed to go out and about and take the members to access mainstream activities, such as the cinema, go karting, shopping, swimming and bowling.  The young people take an active role in planning the activities which normally take place between 10am and 2pm.  They are encouraged to manage their own money and use their social skills to do things like book their own train tickets.

The club has been very successful in facilitating friendships and helping young people with ASD find the confidence to access mainstream activities outside of the club.

How do you join?

The club is open to young people with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Saturday Club team will assess the young person’s needs to ensure the club is the right environment. On occasion, there are young people whose need are too complex and will not be able to access the club.

Where is the club run?

The Plus Club has no set ‘base’ and we meet in order go on outings and trips around the local community

For example, the club members will meet and go bowling, visit the cinema, go swimming, Go-karting and more.

When does the club run?

The club runs every 4 weeks 10am – 2pm (Time may change depending on trip also extends in summer holidays 9am – 5pm)

Is there a waiting list?

Yes. We strive to allow new young people to join the club as fast as possible, but there is a waiting list for new members. We also try to limit the change in dynamic as much as possible by not introducing too many young people at once. Get in touch and we’ll be able to discuss your options.

How much does the club cost?

The club costs an annual membership charge of £5, plus the costs of the individual trips.  All staffing costs are paid for by the club. The Plus Club encourage the members to be responsible for their own money, so they will bring enough money to cover the cost of entry and, plus a small amount for cover the cost of lunch/snacks. Where possible the members, with suitable assistance, will then pay for their own entry and their own food.